Information For The New Student

How do I register? To register, just show up! We will register you right there at the door. Please come about 10 minutes early so we can get everyone registered before class starts.

What should I wear?

For the weekly dance lessons just wear what feels comfortable to you. Casual attire is fine. For the special dance parties, you may want to wear something a bit more semi-formal, but this is completely optional. For shoes, we suggest that you consider dance shoes as they actually make dancing easier, but again they are not required. Try to stay away from rubber sole shoes, however, as these will impair your ability to do turns. In any event, please bring clean shoes with you. Shoes that are worn outside can track in grime, damage the floor, and make it dangerous for dancers by making the floor slippery.

Do I need a partner?

Although we teach partner dancing, it is never required that you bring your own partner. Most people come by themselves, so between you and everyone else, everyone usually has a partner. Then during the class we change partners frequently, so you will have the opportunity to dance with many partners.

"Should I change partners?"

The answer is, definitely yes. The way that learning to dance in a group class works depends on dancing with different partners with different levels of ability. Dancing with different partners also enables you to lead or follow different kinds of dancers. We change partners in all groups classes that are offered at The Imperial Dance Studio. If you intend to dance only with one partner, you should seriously consider private lessons where the instructor can focus on each individual's dancing.

What if I think I'm too clumsy to learn to dance?

Our school teaches classes at different levels. The beginning classes are targeted toward individuals with little or no dance experience. Many of the people you will meet feel exactly the way you do. The best thing to do is show up for an evening, take the beginning lesson, and stay for the social dance to practice what you've learned. Whatever you do, don't get discouraged - nobody learns to dance overnight, not even the very best dancers. As for being clumsy, you're probably not, but you feel that way from time to time. There is likely no better way to overcome that feeling than to learn ballroom dancing!


Ballroom dancing is a socal sport that involves other people. A few rules of etiquette should be followed to ensure that everyone has a good time.

1.Your outfit and accessories should be comfortable, safe, and also reflect the culture and level of formality of the dance.

2.Ask everyone to dance. Do not monopolize one partner for the whole night.

3.Today's beginners will be the good dancers of tomorrow, so be nice to them and dance with them.

4.Do not decline a dance unless you absolutely have to. Having declined a dance, you should not dance the same song with someone else.

5.Be considerate to other couples on the floor. Exercise good floorcraft. Do not cut other couples off. No aerials or choreographed steps on the social dance floor!

6.Stationary dancers (e.g. Swing dancers) should stay in the middle of the floor, traveling dancers should move along the outside of the floor, along the line of dance.

7.Avoid dancing patterns that your partner cannot do. Dance to the level of your partner.

8.Never blame your partner for missteps.

9.No unsolicited teaching on the floor.

10.Smile. Be warm and personable. Be nice.






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