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Open since 1981, Imperial Dance Studio of Gainesville, FL  has provided continuous instruction in American and International styles of latin and ballroom dance.  Imperial Dance Studio has been here to introduce new dance styles and trends such as: country western, Lindy-swing, and Argentine tango to name a few.


Learn How to Dance

Learning to dance is an enjoyable experience: let us find the way you like most to do it!

At Imperial Dance Studio, we can tailor any dance instruction to suit your needs. Some people like a more one-on-one approach and take advantage of private lessons with an instructor.

They also benefit from the groups and the world-class coaches who periodically are invited to come to offer private and mini-group lessons.


Private Lessons

Many students find they would like to progress even faster than they do when taking classes. They would like to hone their skills in leading or following dance steps. These students benefit from private lessons with an instructor. They receive the instructor’s undivided attention for the duration of the lesson. During these lessons, you will receive the specialized and personalized teaching that is necessary to achieve your dancing goals. Lessons are oriented towards what you would like to learn, so these are the most fun of all!


Wedding Lessons

We love working with wedding couples! We have been helping wedding couples feel comfortable on the dance floor for over fifteen years, and take great care to help you prepare for your wedding day. Whether you want a traditional Waltz or a romantic Rumba we can help you learn whatever dance style fits your special day. We also love to work with you for Father/Bride Dance, Mother/Groom Dance. Or teach the whole Bridal Party a dance.


Class Lessons

Class lessons offer not only dance instruction; they are also a social event at Imperial Dance Studio. Typically, one or two steps of a dance are taught by the instructor during each class.There is plenty of time during the class to practice each step to music with a variety of partners. The instructors will explain dance positions and various techniques during the instruction, but emphasize will be placed on the way the feet and body move.  Classes very in size from 10 to 30 people and are a fun way to begin dancing in an easy and relaxed environment. 


Socials and Parties

  Scheduled socials are held every Tuesday at 9:00 pm. Current students from group classes as well as private lessons are invited to participate in the social to practice dancing. You’ll find your skills become better when you dance with someone not as advanced as you, and you’ll pick up new steps and techniques by dancing with people with more experience.  A monthly studio party is normally held the 2nd Saturday of each month. Check the calendar for specific dates and times.



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